Mormonova knjiga

Još jedno svjedočanstvo o Isusu Kristu

Book of Mormon, Croatian. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Published in 1979. Current edition, 2016.

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Frontmatter Abbreviation Gospel Library
Naslovna stranicaTitle Page Link Link
UvodIntroduction Link Link
Svjedočanstvo trojice svjedokaTestimony of Three Witnesses Link Link
Svjedočanstvo osmorice svjedokaTestimony of Eight Witnesses Link Link
Svjedočanstvo proroka Josepha SmithaTestimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith Link Link
Kratko objašnjenjeBrief Explanation Link Link
IlustracijeIllustrations Link Link
Books Abbreviation Gospel Library
1 Nefi1 Nephi 1 Ne Link Link
2 Nefi2 Nephi 2 Ne Link Link
JakovJacob Jk Link Link
EnošEnos Enoš Link Link
JaromJarom Jar Link Link
OmniOmni Om Link Link
Riječi MormonoveWords of Mormon RM Link Link
MosijaMosiah Mos Link Link
AlmaAlma Al Link Link
HelamanHelaman Hel Link Link
3 Nefi3 Nephi 3 Ne Link Link
4 Nefi4 Nephi 4 Ne Link Link
MormonMormon Morm Link Link
EterEther Et Link Link
MoroniMoroni Moro Link Link