Churchwide Events and Broadcasts

This page provides a list of some of the events and broadcasts produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, catalogued for the benefit of and miscellaneous research projects. It’s likely that there are some missing or incorrect listings (let me know if you have any corrections!).

Table of Contents

Face to Face for Youth (2014–Present) (Return to top)

Face to Face for Young Adults (2016–Present) (Return to top)

Worldwide Devotionals for Young Adults (1992–Present) (Return to top)

Area Devotionals for Young Adults (2020–2022) (Return to top)

Face to Face for Single Adults (2021–Present) (Return to top)

Friend to Friend for Children (2021–Present) (Return to top)

First Presidency’s Christmas Devotionals (1983–Present) (Return to top)

General Conference (1848–Present) (Return to top)

An Evening with a General Authority (1975–Present) (Return to top)

Seminary and Institute Annual Training Broadcasts (2003–Present) (Return to top)

RootsTech Family Discovery Day (2014–Present) (Return to top)

Temple and Family History Leadership Instruction (2011–Present) (Return to top)

Worldwide Leadership Trainings (2003–2013) (Return to top)

Auxiliary Training Meetings (2008–2014) (Return to top)

General Conference Leadership Sessions (Return to top)

Special Broadcasts (Return to top)

BYU Education Week (1922–Present) (Return to top)

BYU Women’s Conference (Return to top)

Funeral Services (1939–Present) (Return to top)

Church Music Festivals (1994–Present) (Return to top)

Youth Music Festivals (2018–Present) (Return to top)

Luz de las Naciones (2002–Present) (Return to top)

Europe Area Holiday Broadcasts (2021–Present) (Return to top)

Temple Square Christmas Concerts (2020–Present) (Return to top)

Tabernacle Choir Broadcasts (2000–Present) (Return to top)

Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concerts (2000–Present) (Return to top)

Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Day Concerts (2011–Present) (Return to top)

Music and the Spoken Word (1929–Present) (Return to top)

Piping Up: Organ Concerts at Temple Square (2020–2023) (Return to top)

Tabernacle Organ Virtuoso Performances (2022–Present) (Return to top)